Coins on table with small tree growing from them.
Coins on table with small tree growing from them.
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2 years ago I wrote an essay called 10 Simple Financial Tips that Helped Me Improve My Relationship with Money.

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I have a confession to make.

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The U.S, unfortunately, does not have the best record of providing safe and affordable housing to all citizens regardless of race and income.

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I’m constantly checking social media.

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As I begin writing this, I’m sitting at my computer at 5am Sunday morning replaying a recent conversation with a friend over and over in my head.

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“From now on, I want you to slide your feet over to the side of your bed frame, and place them on the floor slowly before standing up in the mornings, ok?”

I sat at the edge of the chair in the dim examining room studying the pattern on the floor while my doctor explained the next step in my back injury recovery.

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I had the strangest dream last night. In the dream I was sitting at the kitchen table at my parent’s house complaining that I couldn’t seem to focus on accomplishing any of my current goals. In addition, I was stressed because I didn’t know how to build a platform as a writer.

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I sat down to start writing the other day and just couldn’t seem to get any words on the screen. I racked my brain for about half an hour, admitted defeat, and began browsing online for new furniture for my apartment. I had been hit with a rare bout of writer’s block. Since I don’t totally believe in the concept of “writer’s block,” meaning: I believe it ONLY happens when we put too tight constraints on our creativity, I was especially annoyed that I wasn’t able to get my thoughts onto paper.

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Since graduating college, it seems like I have been engaged in a very intense game of hide and seek with my money. My birthday passed recently, and it made me realize I have essentially been living paycheck to paycheck for the last 3 years. Because of this, I have committed myself to gaining more financial intelligence in any way I can.

3 years ago I started making Youtube videos for fun. Over 100 videos later, very little gain in followers, and way too many fidget spinners and slime to count, I eventually lost the drive to create content. So I quit.

Ray Johnson

I write about all things Money 💸 and Personal Growth🌱.

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